VOLKSWAGEN Flat-Four Engine Model Kit - Build Your Own 4 Cylinder Engine That Works - Volkswagen Beetle DIY Assembly Kit

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.200 part kit - No glue required - Clear casing so you can see all the parts move - LED spark plugs and working distributor
.Comes with 100 page collector's handbook filled with photos and the history of this iconic car
.Electronic sound module with original engine sound - starts and runs - all the parts move just like the real thing
.A transparent model of a beetle engine drawn by the original factory drawings. There are more than 200 components, all assembled by DIY, crankshaft connecting rod piston and other parts, including spark plug LED lights and sound base, to simulate the spark plug ignition and discharge process, and feel the sound of the original engine. The components are assembled with screws or bolts to ensure a good assembly experience without glue.
.In the transparent shell parts, you can see the mechanical structure and internal structure of the four-cylinder horizontally opposed engine. The crankshaft, pistons, and valves operate like the original engine, and even the engine ignition sequence is one-to-one. The detailed design is perfect, the simulation degree is high, suitable for demonstration, and the ornamental and collection value are high.
.Assembling this kit, you can enjoy the transparent model of the legendary "Brezelkafer" four-cylinder horizontally opposed engine from 1946 to 1953. The engine has been attracting many fans all over the world, providing you and your family once Interesting technology assembly experience.
.It comes with a high-quality color commemorative album, providing a lot of fun and knowledge, understanding the history of the Beetle, and understanding the successful concept of the boxer engine. Many illustrations provide deep insights for the public. With the help of a detailed assembly step manual, you can build your own four-cylinder horizontally opposed engine model in the living room to show the world your talent as an engineer. Luxurious and exquisite gift box packaging, suitable as gifts for personal use.
.For Age: 14+